Anybody know how to do home repair of Mag IIIA's?

A while back I spoke with a tech at Mag and he told me how to figure out where an intermitent buzzing was coming from etc.He told me the tweeetrs would be dead not buzz (or at least that's what gatekeeper on phone told latter).But I remeber him telling me how to go about repairing a mid or woofer problem myself by re-gluing the wire to the diaphram but I can't remeber exactly how he said to do it or with what knid of glue etc.I would toss White Bear lake the $$ for repair but $100 each way and $300-500 for the bringing back to spec will eat up what I can get for them.Just replaced with 3.6's.Anybody help me out?
Order a small can of glue at White Bear.I fixed mine some years ago.Glue came with instructions and was blue in color I think.Around $15 to $20 for a small can enough to do both panels several times.The old glue drys out comes loose and starts buzzing.Just glue whats necessary and put coat over the rest trying to get glue under wires where possible.Very difficult if you try to remove all old glue to redo entire panels[peeling off old glue will stretch wires].Wires are sensitive so move carefully when applying glue underneath wires.I used paint brush to apply.I was in same boat as you.E mail me if you have more questions.Good Luck.JD
Go to this link;
and there you will find instructions for do it yourself repair. HAVE PATIENCE if you try to do it yourself, its not hard to do, but think twice before you do anything once. I happen to like MG III's. If it doesn't work it mail me direct( and I will just send the page to you. Good luck.