Anybody heard the VSA VR4 to VR5 upgrade?

I've read about the Von Schweikert Audio VR4 to VR5 upgrade on the VSA web site (
Sounds very interesting, and modestly priced. Just wanted to know if anyone has had their VR4's moded by VSA to the VR5 upgrade. If so, would you please share your thoughts and opinions with me.
I think that they are talking about the original (much larger) VR4 and not the current and very popular JR or SR. I do not think that they are offering any upgrade for those at the moment. Though I have heard that the original VR4 is quite good I have not listened to it. If you have the originals it may be worth checking out.
I purchase the VR 5 SEs about three weeks ago and I only have approx. 100 hrs. On then so I can’t give you my full opinion on how they sound. But from what I’m hearing right now they sound great. For the first time I can hear just how good my BAT 75 SE ready sounds. All I can tell you at this time is that they took the drivers and crossover from the VR 9s se and put them into the VR 4SRs cabin. The only thing that the 5s don’t have is the VR 9s 15” sub-woofer and the Super tweeter.
I was captivated by the VR9s at the New York show in 2005, hearing especially smooth mids and highs that were, at the same time, palpable and detailed, a rare combination of strengths in my experience. I thought that the ribbon super-tweeter had something to do with this. I notice that the VR5s do not have the ribbon supertweeter. Do the VR5s still have the VR9s' magic up top?
The tweeter on the 5se is very good and the high very detailed and open, but I do believe adding the super tweeter would give them more air on top, but I’m not left wanting or feel like I’m missing something.