anybody heard of pioneer vsx-59 elite ?

I got this receiver from pawnshop. Its a pioneer vsx-59 elite model. Its a pro-logic receiver built in 1995. It works great. I dont have any information other than that. I would like to know about this receiver. I have no idea how valuable it is. i would appreciate your help. I did as much search as possible online, all i could find is vsx-59txi but this one is not a vsx-59txi.
If you are looking for blue book value, then subscribe to AGON Bluebook, that is why it is there and it helps fund all the useful info on this site. If you are looking for technical info, does Pioneer have a PDF data base of dis-continued models?, or call them and ask...they might be able to give you info you are looking for, an old unit like that should be pretty easy to uncover its bells and whistles.
bluebook doesnt have any information. Pioneer website also doesnt list this model. But i havent called them which i will pretty soon. THanks
I saw an Elite Model on their website, but it might not be the one you need, good luck in your hunt
You most likely have a VSX-95