Anybody Hear the Duevel Jupiter?

My system consists of Tubed Thor Audio TPa-150, monoblocks,
thor line stage, thor phono stage, with a Thor tubed Dac
with a Cary 306/200 used as a transport. I am auditioning speakers and I was curious if anybody has heard the
Duevel Jupiter (made in Germany omnidirectional speaker)
and their thoghts or recommendations. Any input would be appreciated. I've read the reviews, but I alsways like to hear what a fellow audiophile has to say.
Heard the Jupiter at Rocky Mtn AudioFest this past weekend. Was displayed using Thor power and Preamp, Virtual Dynamics Revelation cabling. The sound was pretty amazing - sweet extended highs, strong mids and bass with nice imaging from a pretty wide range. If I wasn't already happy with my current speakers, I would have bought them there. They were that good.

Hope this helps
Hi Kjl, I'm also curious regarding the sound of Duevel Jupiters. An audiophile friend who has heard them said the sound was quite pleasant (I refer you also to Fplanner description). There was a certain lack of palpability though, like the sound emanating from electrostatics. I think if you like the sound of electrostatics and want to have a good imaging within a wide range, they might be a good choice.
i was at RMAF for all three days. i would go with the duevel for certain. if i weren't moving next summer i would get them now. i simply really enjoyed listening to them. i used the same cd at every audition that i have used for the last 5 years.
They need a well damped room to perform best.
Can be bright in a live room.
there is info out there that suggest that you dont need a weel damped room. maybe it was the wolcott site that i remember mentioning that a well damped room would be optimal. other reading and listening i have done states otherwise.
I have owned a pair of Duevel Jupiters for a couple of years. They are super speakers -- and I have heard quite a few over the years. I use them with Klimo Beltaine 300B amps and a Klimo Merlin preamp. The Duevel dealer (Ted Lindblad at is a super guy who knows his stuff. There's a nice review of the Jupiters at Stereo Times if you need more info.