Anybody have experience with EAD mods?

I'd like to try some basic mods to my EAD CD-1000 mkIII.

If you have modded your EAD CD (any version), what were the results? was the mod easy to do? if you had somebody else do it, what did they do? how much did it cost?

Pictures of the inside of a modded unit (cd, preamp, amp) would be great and even schematics.

Hi Mike,
Last November, I had my EAD Ultradisc 2000 CD player modified. The results are excellent! I can't seem to find the paper work that I had with this detailing exactly what I had done. It was done personally by the person that is the original designer of the EAD products! I can't remember his name. He works with Boeleen(maybe mispelled)Electronics now.And that name may have changed. If I locate my information, I'll let you know. It is definitly worth looking into.
Hi Mike,
I had their website on my favorite places. It is The designer is Greg Palmer. The company is Noble Electronics,Boelen Mods. The phone no. is 641-469-5092. Check out their website and give them a call. Like I said earlier, Greg is the original EAD designer.
Best Reguards, Edward