Any VMPS owners upgrade to Neo mids?

I placed my order to upgrade my midrange drivers today and expect a nice improvement in performance but just wanted to hear from any who have taken the plunge, thanks.
I am contemplating the same. What Model speakers go you have?
I have the FF-1 non SRE version. I would really be interested in results.
I have the FF3 SRE version with outboard crossover, same speaker just smaller woofers but with longer mid panel. I would be happy to report my findings in 2 weeks when I expect to take delivery. The good thing for you is it wont cost $1400 like it did me! Cheers
I bet you are getting excited.
I assume you sent just the mids to be upgraded or did they require the entire speaker? What mids were in your speakers?
I ordered new frames to save hassle of down time and shipping, plus I will have spares if needed. My stock mids are a 53' BG ribbon which still work so I will hace 2 sets in case of emergency, I smell a DIT project in my future!
I saw your post on Audiocircle. I assume you have received the new mids. Bummer on the pot failing. Were the new panels hard to install? Any changes to the crossover? Brian said I would have to make some changes to my FF-1's crossover if I upgraded to the new mid array. Let me know how you like them when you can.