Any thoughts on Volent Speakers ?

Hi all,

I'm still looking to upgrade my system (start from scratch actually) and I've tried several speakers so far. The ones on my current short list are Sonus Faber Cremona M, Master Contemporary C and Volent VL-3. Any thoughts on these speakers, esp. the Volents. I heard these on the VAD show last month and was pleasently surprised. Any one out there who has them or chose another path? Thanks
Forgot to mention I like to listen to all kinds of music, but speakers esp. have to be good with (prog) rock. I like a somewhat forgiving system, so that I can listen to all of my cd's, instead of throwing half of them away in case of an overly analytic system.
I've only heard the VL-2's, but would have to say they're a poor choice based on your criteria. From my listening they would definately be categorized as analytical, and certainly not forgiving.
Yes, out of the three I personally think the Cremona's will be the most forgiving. Any other speaker that might come into play? Maybe the Von Schweikert 4jr Anniversary?
No one else?
I recently replaced my bookshelf N805 with the floorstanding VL-3, it's a big upgrade and I'm very satisfied with the performance. I listen to all kinds of music too and use Levinson amps to drive these boxes; VL-3 are easy to drive and they sound nice with good extension at both ends.
The only thing you must pay attention to is speaker placement. This one is with ribbon tweeter so it is better to put these boxes at off-axis position. Minimal or even no toe-in is recommended.