Any thoughts on the new JL Audio CR-1?

I have two F113`s, and I am considering ordering one....
Just wondered if any of you have been considering the same.
I guess it's so current an item so no discussions as of yet, but I have invested in one and it's by far the best investment I have made towards my system. Not only does it accomplish a perfect blend with my pair of F112's and my Sasha's, it makes the entire system come alive. I can go on and on with superlatives describing this unit. You will be very satisfied with this piece, regardless of your systems associated equipment. I even connected it to a home theater system that also completely improved the digital sound from that set up. I will conclude that if you are considering this unit and you are able to obtain one, just do it. Feel free to ask me any questions, you will not regret this upgrade.
I just came across this thread.

I understand this is a reference grade crossover.

Previously I used some active crossovers namely Asley XR1001 and JBL MR552 to perform this function.  The sound quality though back into my main speakers ended up some what diminished.

And I suspect the quality of the high pass filter in most subs would equal the sound quality of a Ashley Crossover.?

I know I could buy the CR-1 but are there equivalent options sound quality wise?