any success with "Vinyl flat" and warped records

Has anyone had any level of success using the "vinyl flat" product in conjunction with there "groovy bag". Tried it on three different mildly warped lps and left two in for as long as 24 hours and have zero success. Any suggestions before I stop wasting my time?
Not familiar with the method you are using. Way back in the day I had very mild success sandwiching a record between two heavy plates of glass. Then setting it outside in the sunshine. As I can no longer find the plates of glass I used, I suspect it may not have been as effective as I remember or just that I begun too make the move to CD's.
There is another thread here on this subject.Many claim great success.I returned mine because the bag did not work.My suspicion is yours doesn't either.Others document great results.I contacted the manufacturer who volunteered to exchange the bag.Suggest that avenue for you.
I no longer use my bag - I instead us my Breville Smart oven set for 150 deg. usually 45 minutes at a time.

Lots of information in the thread above. I personally have had good results with mine.

As the link in the prior thread has been corrupted (how does that happen)? I've attached a link to the Mingus flattening job I did. Worst one I've tried. Not TOTALLY flat but easily playable and sounds fine.
I love mine. If your bag is working properly there may be the issue of different vinyl formulations and/or time 'in the bag' at work here.

Example: My original Janis Ian "Between The Lines" had a somewhat mild warp but along with that it was just uneven around the perimiter. ( I've flattened around 150 lps so far). I first put it in the bag for 4 hrs. It reduced the small noticable warp but the total unevenness was still there. I tried it again at 4.5 hrs. It came out basically the same. ( I've noticed that earlier pressings of lighter weight vinyl are harder to get flat). The point I'm trying to make is, that certain vinyl formulations seem to react differently when flattened with the Vinyl Flat. I believe this is addressed in the manual. I personally believe that the slow ramp up/down nature of the Vinyl Flat is critical to it's performance and protection of your vinyl.
I've tried the glass plates in the sun twice, and both times it ruined the lps. There is no way to simulate/control the proper temperature "ramp up/down" this way.
By the way, I've left lps in the bag on a couple of occasions, hours longer than recommended and they were not harmed at all.
I have one of these - it has worked pretty well so far. probably done about 10 LPs. It is case of getting your oven to the right temp (dont have the bag) - needs a bit of practice but worth getting.