Any shortwave radio listener among us?

Wondered there are any Audiogon members who also listen to shortwave/world band broadcast and use shortwave radio to receive FM broadcasts? I use them to pick up weaker FM stations when my regular rack tuner requires external antenna adjustment. My favorite is the Grundig 700 with external small speakers for fantastic stereo separation. Yes, it lacks the punch of the separate units but it works great at low to mid volume listening and double up as sleep/wake-up radio. At times it can receive more FM stations than my home tuner and receiver.

They are a few other shortwave and table radios e.g. Proton 300, that are quite as good so let's hear from you guys.
I've got a Hammerlund HQ-180 with about 20 tubes in it. Haven't listened to it for several years now. It's about the size of a small microwave oven, not counting the external speaker. Just don't have room on the rack.
Ah, yes. Grundig and Sony. The Satelite 700 is excellent.
But, let us not forget the radio is only as good as the antenna. Look into a powered antenna, external if possible.
Sony makes a good one. I power mine with batteries for as little noise as possible. Happy DXing!
Boy isnt this an old thread....but I am buying a rebuilt vintage National NC-125 with its speaker,,,