Any Pass labs D-1 owners out there?

Is their any Pass labs D-1 owners out there that love there D-1 as much as I do? I just recently bought mine off Agon and it has been the best upgrade I have ever made so far in my system. I just wanted to see if anyone else felt the same way about their D-1 or maybe it is just me. And maybe any upgrades you have do to your D-1 like pc's or something else But now I know how to spell detail it's D-1
Could not agree with you more! If you paid around $2500 it really is the bargain of the century. I think it sounds so good because of the unique D/A stage designed by Wayne Colburn at Pass. Does yours have the 24/96 upgrade? If not, you may want to look into it. Wayne replaces the four Burr-Brown PCM64K Dacs with eight(!) Burr-Brown PCM 1704K Dacs as well as some other changes. Also, if you decide to use the volume control on the D-1 feeding your amp directly, bypass it and use a Placette Audio Remote Volume Control in a fully balanced configuration. It takes the D-1 to level that must be heard. It is very simple to bypass the D-1 volume control (just give Wayne a call at Pass- it is a matter of cutting two wires) and the metal film resistors in it. You output direct to the RVC which has 125 steps and uses the Vishay S102 metal foil resistors. The D-1 has plenty of output (around 4 volts) to be used with a passive device such as the RVC. Just make sure your power amp has a fairly high input impedance and use short interconnects from the RVC to the amp. This combo sings! If you think you have detail and dynamics now....... Congrats on your purchase and just enjoy the's that good.
I got one from Audio-video Logic 24/96 version.
I have one which plays through a Levinson 37 to a Genesis time lens, then into a Pass X-1, XA160's and Avalon Eidolons. I am extraordinarily happy with the D-1, and the XA160's provide incredible sound out of the Eidolons.