Any opinions on the Z squared ultra power cable

I am considering the ULTRA PC for my CDP. Just curious if anyone has used this cable...f so, what are your thoughts?
Ive got a Ultra. I use it for my wadia 850. it is a great cord. I even used it on my audio magic stealth power conditioner. Made everything sound clearer and tighter. For the money it is a killer. good luck
Has the whole world has gone insane?
Kaiser soze- What are you talking about?
Thanks for the info Null1....

Kaizer_soze there a point to your question? help us out here
Rudd. no problem. Im sure there are a zillion other power cords. You dont see too many used Z squared on agon. I Love mine. Read Z squareds feedback. It speaks for itself.
I purchased the Ultra here on Agony and although I am somewhat satisfied with the cable, I don’t think it’s worth the hefty price tag. The MSRP for the $1599.00 yet the company offered me a new one for 93 dollars?...(go figure) The cable was auctioned last year and I did not win the auction (lost by 1 dollar). The next day I received an email from the company letting me know that the would ship me a new Ultra for my highest bid form the previous day's auction which tuned out to be $93.00.