Any opinions of Orthospectrum AR?

Anybody try the Orthospectrum Analog Reconstructor and can comment on it's sound? Thanks.
personally, i prefer the orgasmitron, conceptualized by jung and perfected by the madrigal group. admittedly, does little for sound, 'cept that inside your head.
Orthospectrum AR - the only processor that also clears acne
On the serious side, I own one and bought it on the strength of the two positive e-zine reviews. I've had in my system for about a month. The effect it has is to remove the harshness from digital (glare, hard sound) and make it more listenable. The soundstage improves, with images becoming more three dimensional and palpable. The background becomes blacker, and you can hear more ambient space around the images with additional detail in all frequencies. At first, when I tried it, I did'nt like it in the system as much as I did out of the system. Things got too soft, and the improvements seemed negliable. I put it up for sale on this site (is that what prompted you to create this thread?). Then I took the Bybee Interconnect Filters out. Bingo!! Now that's a positive improvement! I discovered that the effects the Bybees had were somewhat redundant (a bit too much of a good thing) with the Ortho Spectrum in the system. The Ortho Spectrum is also a filtering device like the Bybees, and does some similar things. But it goes beyond the effects of the Bybees by removing glare and harshness. The Bybees also improve the soundstage, black background, and detail, but not as much as the Ortho Spectrum. The Ortho Spectrum is active, while the Bybees are passive devices. The Ortho Spectrum improves DACS of various quality. I tried it with a few different kinds of digital playback devices of various quality I had on-hand, from a 10 year old JVC 1050 to a new Audiomeca Enkianthus. It improved all of them in the same way, and is a worthwhile improvement to a system regardless of the money invested in your digital playback devices, or at least the ones in my price range. In the end, I sold the Bybees and deleted the ad for the Ortho Spectrum. It is now a permanent component in my system (if there is such a thing). Of course being an owner and user of this device, my opinion may not mean as much as the opinion of someone who has never heard of it, used it, and still chooses to make useless but derogatory comments about it. Myself and the two reviewers maybe wrong, and they maybe right! After all, it's much easier to remain ignorant about something than invest any effort in discovering new concepts and technologies that actually work.
I had two pairs of Bybees, the AR200 AND the Audio Harmony Two. I sold the Bybees.