Any Line Magnetic LM34IA owners here?


I'm considering to try some KT77 and/or KT88 tubes, but I don't know which will suit LM34IA best. Anyone tried these type of tubes with LM34IA?
Have had my Line Magnetic for 3 weeks now.  Prior to purchase, I auditioned a primaluna  evo 400 and a Naim supernait 2 in my home .  I have to say, neither of them was a match for the LM.  I mainly stream music thru a cambridge  851N.  Speakers are new Tannoy Cheviot's.  I replaced stock tubes with a pair of Brimar CV4003's and NOS Tungsram ECC83.  Presently researching power tubes.  Considering Gold Lion ,Psvane and Shuguang.  Any recommendations?
I have a 211ia and I’ve settled on Gold Lion KT-77’s ,Amperex Bugle Boys in the 12-au-7 spot and Telefunkens in the 12-AX-7 spot
Just read that LM34IA takes a variety of tubes i think, 7581a. 

If anyone tried this combo pls post!