Any Line Magnetic LM34IA owners here?


I'm considering to try some KT77 and/or KT88 tubes, but I don't know which will suit LM34IA best. Anyone tried these type of tubes with LM34IA?
just bought a demo LM-34ia. What tubes are you using now?
I don't own a Line Magnetic, but I can say that Gold Lion KT77s are GREAT tubes...My Dennis Had Firebottle amp can accommodate all sorts of power tubes and I've tried many...various KT88s, 7581a, KT120 and 150...and I'm back to the GL KT77s these days.
I prefer GL KT88's to their KT77's, at least in my Music Reference RM9 MK2 amp... but it's really horses for courses, as we all hear differently and system synergy is critical.