Any like the Cambridge CXN v2 streamer?

I have the CXA80 integrated Amp and am running a Pioneer Elite streamer. I also have a Wadia 171 transport that I tap my iPhone with to listing to Tidal cd quality streaming. The Pioneer is for internet radio, mostly smooth Jazz for background during the day.
So I am thinking about the CXN v2 streamer and had some questions to those that have tried it or heard solid pros and cons about the unit, especially as it relates to the Tidal software that is part of the V2 model.

1) How’s it sound? Is regular internet radio significantly or just slight improved from some thing like I have( Pioneer Elite N-30) or other $500 range streamers out there?

2) Is the Tidal feature user friendly? Anyone think it will sound better than when I use Tidal through my phone, into the transport, then sent to the digital input on my CXA80 amp?

3) Can you down load albums from Tidal to the CXN streamer like I do to my phone? Can I save favorite albums on the steamer, and make radio stations from the song choice too?

4) if I use the sreamer app on my phone, will I be losing sound quality, similar to bluetoothing the music? I don’t want to blue tooth anything... I want to get every bit of SQ out of the $900 steamer.... so if that means searching for everything on the small screen of the streamer, I would rather do that... unless the streamer app will still be using the dual dacs and improved SQ of the streamer?

5) last question :) will the dual dacs in the steamer provide better streaming SQ than the single dac in my Amp? If so... would I want to connect the streamer to the amp via analog cables( rather than digital cables ) to utilize the dual dacs from the streamer?

question 5.2) sorry boys. So if I the analogue plugs are the way to go to utilize the dual dacs on the streamer, would going XLR plug from steamer to amp, be a better SQ than similar costing RCA plugs?

Thanks for any advice you can share.
I maybe able to answer a few of your questions since I own both the CA CXN v1 and Azur 851n streamers. I rarely use either streamer now and prefer the sound of my PS Audio Directstream DAC with Bridge II when compared to both my CA units.  I have not used either unit in a couple of months. I have never heard your Pioneer streamer and therefore cannot comment or compare to your system.
The CXN v1 is a nice sounding unit.  I have had some dropouts using it with its WiFi adapter.  I do not have Bluetooth.  The proprietary software is very good.  Neither unit stores music, but works well with the music stored on my network NAS drive.   It has a great interface for internet radio, were stations can be located by name, type of station (news, classic, jazz, rock,etc...), or station location.  The quality of sound is up to the station. Many stations stream in lower quality(I.e. MP3).  There are a few stations that stream higher quality and therefore sound better. Overall a very good interface for internet radio.  Can add station presets.  There is also a good interface for Tidal, but cannot play MQA or high definition unless this has changed in recent software updates.  Very good Apple Airplay interface.  The sound quality is better than the Bluetooth on Apple devices.  Airplay is the only way to stream Qobuz and may possibly work for high def music on Tidal. Airplay will also be able to stream music stored on an Airplay device.
XLR sounds better on my equipment then RCA connections.  
I hope this information is helpful.