Any info on power conditioners seen in industial

I guess for medical equip,lab, hi tech manufacturing.They seem to be less expensive than a lot of audio grade ones,is there really much difference between the two
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I own a OneAC conditioner that's used primarily in industrial and
medical facilities. Also the Brick Wall surge protectors and power
conditioners got their start in industrial applications and later were
revised for audio use (eliminating an audible "buzz" for one).
The OneAC has a soft, but audible transformer buzz eminating from the
unit, but the buzz doesn't affect the sound from the loudspeakers. I just
place the OneAC away from the listening position, and I don't hear the
buzz. Considering the OneAC was purchased for $20 on E-Bay, I can't
complain. I'm not qualified to comment about the differences between
these and their esoteric audiophile cousins, but I suspect there isn't as
much difference as one might be led to believe.
But does it help the sound any?
Many people claim they will help the sound. I have a couple on my system except to the amps and it seems to have quieted it down a hair. I'm not sure though. They do protect very well though. For the money the Powervar and Oneac units are a bargain. I seriously doubt a Monster or other brand does any better job at 2-10 times the price. The industrial conditioners HAVE to keep the power clean, especially in a medical lab one would think.
I have used a Bybee Signature conditioner and an Audio Magic Stealth Mini in my system. Neither provided an improvement in sonics, but my system is already very quiet going directly into the wall. The OneAC and Brick Wall units don't "help" the sound either, but neither do they degrade the sound in any way; and, they provide excellent protection as Warnerwh said in his post. Protection is my main goal, and the OneAC and Brick Wall units fit the bill very well.