Any Impressions on the IsoRock GR3


I just purchased a pair of Gallo Ref 3 speakers.
The speaker drivers are still new and very stiff.
I was told that they would need about 100 hrs of break-in.

1) Has anyone heard the Gallo Ref 3 with the
Bright Star IsoRock GR3 stands?

2) What improvements could I achieve by using them?

My goal is to get a fuller, more dynamic mid-range.
And also a taller sound stage.

thanks in advance for your replies.

Have heard the Ref 3 and think they're great. Haven't heard the Stands BUT my initial advise would be, if they're still breaking in, wait before buying any stands, as the midrange and sound stage may just develop into what you're looking for without the need for the stands, and by already thinking of the purchase you may be biasing your listening (i.e. "Well, it sounds good, but I know of these stands that...").

I have the stands and think they made quite a difference (I filled them with sand and not lead shot).

1. they will change the tonal balance depending on the height of your listening chair versus the speakers (they raise the speaker about 8-9").

2. it also helped the imaging (my room, my system, YMMV)

3. a quick way to "try before you buy" would be to put your speakers up on cinder-blocks and see what you think.

(Also, I had to wait a good while for mine--hope they're in stock for you if you decide to get them).
Just read a brief review of the stands in the recent TAS.
Instead of putting the speakers on cinder blocks...YIKES...why not just sit on the floor to see what increased height would do for the sound of the Gallo's?