Any great finds lately? Here's some...

A thrift store I frequent has been a gold mine for LP's lately. Last week was some great jazz/blues. The best was a ten LP set of American Recording Society jazz from '56 and '57. All mono recording. In the original mailer box postal dated in '58. Lionel Hampton, Stan Getz, Basie and others.

A real treat was one of the lp's is a jam session of these greats taking turns trying to outdo the other- Roy Eldridge, Flip Phillips, Bill Harris, Herb Ellis, Dizzy Gillespie, Oscar Peterson, Buddy De Franco, Louis Bellson (bass) Ray Brown (drums). The jam session lasts a full album side then cuts abruptly and picks up on side two for the remainder. Complete with extensive notes this compilation is a gem. Well recorded, pressed, and in quite nice condition.

Today I stumbled into Pink Floyd DSOTM along with The Wall. Also the entire Eagles discography from first to last with Live 1980 included. Pristine. Wow. must be all that clean livin'... ;-)
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Last week in Cody WY (fishing trip) I found an excellent copy of "Long Time Coming" by American Flag, the Mike Bloomfield, Buddy Miles band. It was at a garage sale.