Any good power cords with musical fidelity KW500?

I recently acquired a KW500 and is quite happy with the performance. With the stock cord, the treble is less refined than my pre/ amp set up but bass and sound stage are amazing. Front end fed by hydra 8 via a Elrod EPS-3S and various cords. Shunyata python works great with current pre-amp/amp set up but KW500 needs a 20amp plug. Are there any 15mp to 20 amp plug that does not degrade to much?

Any suggestions for pcs?

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You have a ton of power cord experience, but what works fine with mine(kW500)is the Zu Cable Mother. I bought mine here on aGon for a great price so I gave it a try. I was shocked at the sound. I got the extra detail I was looking for but I was not ready for the smoothness. Very easy to work with. Great build quality. As always, Peace and Good Listening, Pat.