Any experience with the NAD C-160 preamp?

I'm looking for a budget preamp to pair with my second system, and am considering either an Adcom 565 preamp or the newer Nad C-160. Has any one heard the new NAD and can they comment on its sound? Thanks
If this is similar to the preamp section of an NAD C-350, I thought it was not too good (imho, of course). Bright and grainy. If you can find a used Classe DR-4 or Four, or maybe tubes?, this would be better. I paid $550 for a slightly used Quicksilver LS and it sounds as good or better than the Classe and you don't have to leave it on all the time.
A few months back I had a listen to a NAD setup that included the C-160, C-270, and a 541 cdp. I had a similar experience to Joe_b. What I heard was bright, grainy, and very hard on the ears. That said, It could have been the NHTs that completed the system. I have listened to the NAD 370 on other speakers and had a very different experience. I can't imagine the sound of the NAD pre-amp would be that different to the pre-amp section of the 370.