Any experience with the Esoteric UX-1

I have an Ayre D-1EX DVD/CD player and really love it but I am considering the Esoteric UX-1. I can't seem to find much review or user info on it on the net. Do anyone have any experience with it and does anyone have an audio comparison of the Ayre versus the Esoteric. Other than the fact that the Esoteric plays SACD and DVD-A, which one in you opinion sounds better. They are in about the same price range. Any comments would be helpful

Please post your thoughts on the new Arye player. I am mostly an analog guy, but am considering a new CD player. The Ayre was one of the few "new format" players I have heard and would be interested in others take on it. The Sony players have left me a little cold in the past.

The UX-1 takes a very, very long time to break in and will not sound good (or up to its potential) until it is fully broken in.

I wouldn't make a final decision or do any "Critical" listening with less than 500 hours.

I take it that you have a UX-1 based on your post. Have you ever tried to compare it to the Ayre D-1EX and if so, do you feel that the UX-01 is significantly better than the Ayre or would my move to the UX-1 be a lateral move. Any feedback would be helpful as I am still wresting with my decision

You seem to enjoy the Ayre player. If SACD and DVD-A interest you, why not just get the new Ayre Universal unit.
You can keep your present unit for video. I have listened to Ayre amps, preamp, and CD player at my local audio shop. I liked what I heard. I am going to speculate here:

The Esoteric unit will have a leaner more analytical sound than the Ayre. The Eosteric is not hard or bright sounding, but probably less warm. This is the type of sound I prefer.

The Ayre player only has digital audio output. When you say that Ayre is much better than Esoteric, what D/A converter did you run it through? I really doubt it was head and shoulders above the Esoteric X-01.