Any comments regarding stock thorens td180?

From 1990-1991? Looking to get back into vinyl on low budget, suggestions? (including phono pre-amp..I saw a pro-ject unit for 100 bucks or so...what about the NAD for 120?)

The Thorens TD180 was actually a table built for Thorens by a company in Poland which one day just disapeared! These tables were low cost and marketed mainly through mass merchants like J&R Music. Thorens has no way to get parts for these any longer since the manufacturer has been gone for some time so any parts needed must be sourced from the used market. Belts seem to work with an aftermarket belt OK, there are several sources available for these. The most comon problem with these is defective motors.

Unfortunately Thorens decision to market these tables under the Thorens name seriously tarnished thier great reputation but fortunately they have recovered and have many new models on the market which seem to be of excellent quality.

Similar Thorens models to the TD180 are the TD170 and TD190 which are made in the origional Dual factory in the Black Forest region of Germany. Though they are using some plastic for trim parts, these are quite nice sounding tables for the price and offer 3 speeds and automatic opporation.