Any comments on Gryphon pre-amp?

Anybody has any comments on Gryphon pre-amp? How's the Elektra compares to the Sonata and the Sonata Allegro?

Anybody compared it with MBL 6010C/D, JRDG Coherence or Cello Suite?
Gryphon pre-amp more transparent and dynamic, MBL 6010D more nature like tube pre-amp.
I had a chance to listen to Electa pre amp for few days at home many
many years back before my friend sold it, my first impression is very
smooth,silky sounding, sound stage very huge and deep, sound of
string(violin) very luxurious, airy. Sound very natural and easy to the
ear. I truly love it. Unfortunately , before I decide to buy it, my
friend told me sold already. It was only S$2900. From then onwards, I
start looking out for anybody to sell this beast but till now, there is
About 5 years back, I listen to the newer Sonata pre at our local
show room, though is very good, same big sound stage,dynamic and a lot
of details, but a bit very dry and sound electronic as compare to
Electa, obviously, it lack the sweetness of Electa.
Lately I listen to Sonata Allegro at my friend's setup, again, it
have the big sound stage and detail,dynamic. However, perhaps he love
silver cable so much so that he only uses silver cable, the sound become
cold and dry too. Vocal sound hard and stiff. Very good for instruction
reproduction but gone are the smooth, mellow. The sweetness of Electra
still missing.
Conclusion, I miss the best sounding Electa though it did not have
remote control. If I have a chance to own it, I will not hesitate to own
it. Despite the newer pre is many times more expensive, it does not
necessary means is better than the old one.
BTW, I also listen to MBL 5011 pre amp shortly at our local show room after I listen to Gryphon Sonata. MBL 5011 presented very warm sound as compared to Gryphon Sonata. If you like saturated mid and vocal, I bet you will like MBL 5011, simply it has more soul than Sonata. However, when I switch to another room to listen to MBL6010, it totally different character, bigger brother is cleaner sound, less coloured, detailed and dynamic, bigger and wider soundstage than 5011 but less relax than 5011. Two extreme character in the same family. Though 6010D cost 2 to 3 times than 5011, is still not perfect though I must admit is very very high sounding pre amp. But price has gone up to sky high now , it become poor c/p equipment. Does this expensive beast has the sweetness of Electa, you guess, sad to tell you, " no". Sadly, till now I am still looking for Electa, but I know, it will not come again. sigh...
Disclaimer: this is only my personal experience, due to different
equipment and environment, cable etc, my view may not be absolutely
right. For sharing only.