Any comments on Eastsound CD-E5?

Does anyone have any experience with the Chinese-made Eastsound CD-E5? Looks like a well made unit with good parts: class A output with no op-amps, high quality clock, Crystal 4390 chip and DAC, Wima caps power supply and filtering.

The price looks great $780 direct from China. The problems I see are no warantee, and no return policy. I'd also have to buy it unheard. (Then again, people buy lot's of stuff unheard, based on buzz). I'm wondering if it's worth the risk?
Not very common in the US but it has received good reviews in European forums
The High cost of shipping would prohibit a sale [to me]. A better bet might be the CEC at
The CEC is more than twice the price! The idea, for me, is to try to get bang for the buck, which I don't think you get with Japanese products the way I perceive you can get with Chinese products. The $780 I quoted above for the CD-E5 is the price including shipping.

I'm hoping to hear from someone with experience with the product who could compare it to a more well known brand.
The 3300 is $458 shipped with a voltage xfrmr. Sorry for not specifying the exact model. Also, audiocubes seems to be a trustworthy seller although I've not personally dealt with them. What's the rest of your gear and what are you looking for in a player?
Currently, I have the following equipment:
Philips 963SA (transport)
Bolder modified smART DI/O (DA)
Teres 135 turntable
RS-A1 arm
Denon 103D cart
Denon AU320 transformer
Conrad Johnson PV-12 pre
Modified Conrad Johnson MV75-A1 amp
VMPS 626R speakers
Nordost Blue and Bolder ICs
Analysis Plus Oval 9 speaker cables

I'm not into SACD (only own 2) and want to maximize CD sound to at least start to approach my analog system, without spending $2000. I'm looking for transparency and resolution, good frequency extension, and not too clinical or etched a sound. In other words, I want everything and I want it cheap!

The 963/modded DI/O has GREAT bass, but is not as transparent and grainless as I would like.
I am also very interested in this player. I was able to find a little bit of information on the net and have collected it in this thread on head-fi:

One good thing is that if you want to get more than one thing from cattylink the shipping becomes less of an issue. I am thinking about getting one of their Spider Racks as well and the shipping only raised from $150 to $200.