Any comments about PS Audio GCPH Phono Stage?

I am looking for a reasonably priced, quality phono stage to compliment my Sota Star Sapphire tt with the TOTAL OriginLive modification on a Rega RB300 arm. The GCPH sounds almost too good to be true from the info on the PS website but I do own the P500 power regen. and like it. Can anyone offer input about the GCPH?
Howdy Sit! I'll Email you in a week or so. I should have mine by then.
Veloceracing, any thoughts yet re the GCPH that you can share?
I bought one after auditioning several other phono stages:
1.) Acoustech PH-1
2.) Project Tube-box
3.) Krell KPE standard
4.) Project Phono-box

For my system, it was the best match. Very musical, yet detailed, but not overly so in either direction. Very quiet and dynamic too, with slamming bass response. The Acoustech and Krell were overly revealing, making too much of my vinyl sound poor. The Project stuff was fairly noisy, with reduced dynamics and bass and lack of detail.

For the PS Audio, be sure to use top quality cables, it makes a big difference. I have Audioquest Panthers on mine. Happy listening!