Antique Sound Lab MGsi 15 DT

Category: Amplifiers

This is the case of one of those sleeper products. The point-to-point wired li'l integrated, producing 15 watts in pentode or 5, count 'em FIVE watts, in triode, is one of those audiophile products that ought to receive cult, must-own status. Serisously. At the current retail of just south of 9 c-notes American, this amp is more than a bargain. At about 5 bills on the used market, this thing is a no-brainer. Get the amp. Here's why:

1. The SET sound will, most likely, impress all--even the ss guys. This thing resolves better then my VTL 2.5/Rogue 88 combo.

2. Throws a HUGE soundstage.

3. Makes female vocals sound priceless--it's why we listen to music.

4. It's the real deal audiophile thing.

I am, of course, operating on the assumption that tubes sound pretty nice.

5. The cost to retube, compared to other tube integrateds, is minimal: about $75.00. Come on! How bad can tubes be in this context? If you are on the fence, this is your amp!

I recently have replaced my separates with this li'l guy, and I am not looking back. I can live with this for a while, and, in real terms, it has saved me about $1,500 in the gear exchange.

Oh, my speakers are 90db efficiency, and I often listen in the 5 watt triode mode.

I cannot recommend this amp enough. It is the ONLY thing that I have owned, sold, and owned AGAIN. And I've owned a lot of gear.

Please email me for more impressions.

Also, remember why you're in this hobby: you LOVE music!
I just picked up an older and perhaps original version of this amp and am quite happy with it. I'm using 86 db, 6 ohm Paisley Research Model AE500's (rated for 20-100 watt amps) which is really not a terrific match on paper but it plays them plenty loud in both triode and pentode modes in my largish 23 x 16 living room. It came with J/J input tubes and Chinese (maybe Shuguang) KT88s labeled Antique sound labs. This combo might be standard, I am not sure.

I prefer the Triode mode as it has more air and is sweeter sounder with better imaging. The best thing about this amp is that it is like owning 2 different tube amps. When I want to hear something different, I just change modes.

I must admit, I never really did a lot of listening to KT88 tubes; however, the little that I heard of them in push pull, I was never really a big fan. In the last several years I have owned EL84/6BQ5 integrated amps in push pull and SE and really like the sweetness of this tube so I was always curious to hear how much better would a KT88 be in a single ended design. With my 86 db Paisleys is just has an ease to the sound and makes everything just sound right and really good.

Pretty soon I'll be getting a pair of 8 ohm Mordaunt Short MS20's that are rated for 10-80 watt amps that should be a much better match for the ASL and will update this once I've auditioned the MS speakers.

I have read very good things online about replacing the stock power cord with an specialized after market cord and also tube rolling the input and output tubes; however, not too shabby in its stock form. Very glad I was able to find this amp.
I continue to enjoy the sound of this amp whether it's in Triode or Pentode mode. The larger Paisley Research speakers are much better suited to my large living room; however, the Mordaunt Short MS20's are also very sweet sounding as well. I still prefer Triode mode as it definitely has better imaging, air, and is more euphonic sounding while the Pentode mode is more transparent. I'd be very curious to hear this amp with some higher efficiency Klipsch's or single driver speakers and I still enjoy going back and forth between the 2 different modes this amplifier is wired in. One day Triode, the next day Pentode - it's all good :)
I realize also that this is an old post, but felt compelled to express that this tube amp is actually a true bargain. To name a few amps that Ive owned, Bat VK60, Manley Snappers, also the Stingray, Wavac MD811.... the ASL MG-SI 15 DT never ceased to amaze and has no right to sound the way it does given its retail price which is a fraction of the amps mentioned above. 

Sweet, involving, warmish sound, and a hefty little bugger for its size. Aesthetically pleasing, with impressive fit and finish. I'm using it in triode mode (5 watts) with my Omega Super 3XRS, and quite pleased with the sonics.

Always at ease every time I sit down for a listen and look forward for the next listening session. The MG-SI 15 DT from ASL gets gets my highest recommendation!