Anthem MCA225/ 325 or Rotel RB-1582

Hi All,

I currently have the Rotel RB-1582-MKII powering B&W CM10 S2s and I recently upgraded my receiver to Anthem MRX-720 AVR which also powers my CM Center 2 S2 and surrounds, CM1 S2s. If I swap my Rotel for an Anthem MCA 225 would it make much difference? Anthem has 225/ ch compared to Rotel's 200/ ch which is not a huge difference to me considering I'm not using my speakers in reference levels (in a town home). If it sounds more warmer using an Anthem compared to a little brighter with the Rotel I would be pleased make the swap, hoping I'll find a used one for may be couple hundred more than what I can sell my Rotel for. Does it make a difference having them all Anthems?

If I find a good deal on an Anthem MCA 325 I would consider that to power all 3 fronts but not an ideal time for me to spend another grand on the MCA 325.