Antelope zodiac or Audio Mirror tubadour mk2 Nos

What to do can somebody who know more than everybody else tell me what is the best current sounding dac with detail, flat yet warm analog sound in the 1200-1700$ range.

I want the least jitter possible.

right now with all my research those 2 are on the top of my list
Antelope zodiac (not plus) or Audio Mirror tubadour mk2 Nos

but i'm open for suggestions.

The clock and options of the zodiac are very interesting but
the tubadour while there's actually just one review on it seem to have a very nice NOS tube design.

Also, I'm using the dac mostly from spdif with a soundcard with low latency asio drivers. So usb is nice for me but i need the best sound from spdif.

let me know what you think would be the best options.