Another Cryogenic Freeze Article HFNRR

Latest issue of British HiFi News Record Review has multi page article about deep cryogenic freezing of cables. Author
teams up with Townshend Audio (which sells cables) and take a batch of copper wire, deep freeze it, and then assemble various cables from it. Author was able then to compare
stock TA cables to deep freeze cables, to make a long story short he likes the deep freeze effect, and TA plans to market line of cables with cyrogenic treatment.

Mr Meitner, long time cryo advocate, also is given a page to
give his endorsement to cryo treatment.

This topic has been covered many times here and in previous articles elsewhere, I wonder why no cable company is actively marketing cables with this treatment? Some companies like Harmonic tech and Acoustic Zen use a process that modifies crystal structure of copper, but no one I know is marketing cryo treated cables.

Although many say it works, I personally am afraid to use this tweak, because it can't be undone/removed. Why are
the tweak happy cable guys not marketing this?
Has anyone seen reviews or experienced whether the freezing has long term effects? I'm not a scientist (and I know from listening that science doesn't know it all by a long shot), but the effects of freezing may not last. I wonder if the freezing permanently alters the state of the material or if the effects are temporary? I'm happy to load up some dry ice and give it a shot unless I need to do it weekly. Just curious.
Thanks, Albert. Given today's prices and scarcity of great NOS tubes like the Telefunken or Siemens 6DJ8's, I have no intention of experimenting with the cryo treatment. It is an interesting thought for lesser tubes, however. Maybe by the time *all* of the good stuff is gone this process will be more predictable.
Long term effects?? Haven't noticed any in my cables... They still work well (sound great). Never tried tubes -- scared to break the glass with the chill.

In theory, the cryo freeze should not "wear off" -- the process is supposed to compress the grains in the metal more tightly..

Voodoo?? Maybe...