cryogenic tube input please

I'm new to the tube world and need some input, please. I recently upgraded my tubes, waiting on them to arrive. Thing is I was ordering a platinum plated balanced quad set but got talked into cryogenic. I agreed not knowing whether to or not. Can someone provide the nitty gritty if it was worthwhile? Thanx in advance.
I have drawers full of tubes and have never heard any sound
quality difference between cryoed and non-cryoed tubes.

I know that some claim a benefit and some claim that cryo
treating a tube adds to it longevity, but I have never able
to substantiate those claims with over 35 years of owning
many, many tube products.

I strongly suspect if you are using Herbies tube dampers you will appreciate the sound of the cryo'd tubes. If not, enh? Who the hell knows.
Thanx Mofimadness, longevity huh? I guess I should have come here first and got schooled before ordering.
Dunno how anyone could substantiate claims of longevity, I suspect you would have to take identical tubes, one cryo'd and the other not, and see which one lasts longer. In the case of long lasting tubes, that might take some time. In terms of cryogenically treating just about anything I'm pretty sure the verdict came in a very long time ago. We already know that cryo'd materials last longer, for example. Not to mention sound better.
Geoffkait...I have used and still use the Herbies tube
dampers on all my gear.
How does one cryogenically freeze a manufactured product like a tube to say -300F as I have read in at least one description without risk of damaging the tube? Glass and metal does contract when frozen and then expands when warmed, as I recall.

Just wondering. Half the stuff around my house is worse from the wear and tear of this past unusually cold winter, and it only got down to around 5-6 degrees fahrenheit a few times.

Cryogenic treatment does not sound cheap. How does one know for sure a cryogenically treated tube was in fact cryoed and to what temperature? I would expect the colder the better and also to cost more, so some kind of certification would seem to be in order.

Just wondering. I've never cryoed a darn thing, thogu I am pretty confident that most things would be affected by the treatment if done, for better or for worse.
Cryo labs charge about five duckaleros a pound plus shipping. Cannot beat it with a stick. Of course, for any real cheapskates in the crowd there is always freezing in the home freezer. Tubes are cryo'd every day. No problemo.
I'd be interested in also hearing what Atmasphere and/or Audiokinesis in particular would have to say about cryo treating vacuum tubes.
MM, I'm pretty sure you don't quite understand the whole perception thing about cryogenics, and why manufacturers don't exactly embrace the subject. Think of it like super duper power cords and high end fuses. If you have a successful product why rock the boat?
Hey ya Geoff, Mapman...lmbo @ y'all still hanging out. I remember you two crazies...joking! Cheers!
I didn't take time to research what kind of affect cryogenic would have on the tubes. Ordered platinum Genelex ended up with gold cryo's genalex. Kind of threw me telling out of stock but these were cryo treated and the best...blah blah blah.
Interesting responses, the Herbie dampeners got my attention, are they really worthwhile in a simple system? Tubes were for my SLP-03.
Mental wrote,

"Interesting responses, the Herbie dampeners got my attention, are they really worthwhile in a simple system? Tubes were for my SLP-03."

I am a long time user of Herbies dampers, I have used them on 12AX7s, 6SN7s, coke bottle 5U4G. Worth a shot, hey, if they don't work out just send 'em back.
Just wanted to add, these are terrible tubes for the SLP-03. My system is fairly balanced and these Genelex Gold Lions were like turning the bass up and the treble down. I guess if you have an overly bright system you may like them.
OPPO-BDP 105 saved my butt, bad choice in tubes for the Cary preamp but the OPPO gave me options.
I'm runnin 250w towers for a two channel system(2 lows, 1 mid, 1 tweeter), the SLP-03, an old McCormack DNA_1 Deluxe, and a few choice other lower end components although if they don't run through the OPPO, they sound really bad now.
OPPO settings>speaker configuration I set to small, I set the sub to yes but there isn't one, distance I set to 8' on all three. It's finally acceptable to my ears. Any of you experience what I went through with the tube thing remember your OPPO is one way around it.
My sentiments on the entire thread, I'll ask Cary tech support for tube choice and post here before I do the tube thing again.
Another tube question, since I have to replace these Genelex I'm looking at the Mullard site, matched pair of ECC82/12AU7/CV4003 for $125. Anyone familiar with these tubes? I do not want to get caught up chasing vintage tubes.

Next question is do I need to replace all four tubes or can I get by with swapping the 2 outputs? I'd like to understand the difference between the four tubes and their function.
Cifte...bit the bullet and just ordered another quad set. Man, tube chasing shouldn't be this difficult....lmbo
Any input on the Ciftes?

Appreciate everyone's input, let's hope I'm not back whining about these. Too funny.