Analog system

Please recommend an Anolog System (Turntable, tonearm, cartridge, phono preamp, phono cable and vibration controls...). My budget is around $20K.
I do appreciate for your time in advance.
VPI Aries JMW 10.5, Grado Statement, ARC Ref. phono, Nordost or Hovland anolog interconnects. Great rig that should leave you room for some records.
If you find some of the equipment on the used market, you can do it:

SME Model 20/2a (come with IV.Vi tonearm)
van Den hul Colibri XCP cartridge
Manley Steelhead
Nordost Quattro Fil Phono Cable

The suspension on the SME should not need additional vibration control. This setup would be extremely tough to beat at any price.
I think that Jtinn is right on the money except would suggest that you substitute a Lyra Titan for the Colibri.
All of the above are good suggestions. I might add that if you want similar performance capability, but want to spend less money, the Teres 255 or 265 would be a good choice, and the Origin Live Illustrious Signature tonearm was just reviewed on this site by a guy that said he felt it was significantly better than either his SME V or his Graham. For the cartridge I would suggest the Shelter 901, and an Aesthetix IO Signature for the phono section. This would be tough to beat at any price also, but costs less than alot of other combos.

Fantastic budget, you lucky bugger!

My reco is:-
Avid Acutus with SME V or Wheaton Triplanar Mk 6 Ultimate
Dynavector XX2 MC
Hagerman Tech Trumpet phono stage
Get the tonearm wires extended into interconnects since the best policy is to have no breaks between stylus & phono input.
Of course, this is my opinion!! FWIW.
Nice budget.

Teres 200 series Cocobolo base and signature motor
Redpoint Composite platter and Anvil
Schroeder Reference 12" arm
Jan Allaerts MC1 MkII Finish or Koetsu Urushi
For vibration control there is simply nothing to rival a product made by a company called MinusK. The MinusK vibration isolation platform, which was designed for use with proudcts such as atomic force microscopes, has a natural frequency of 0.5 Hz, horizontal and vertical! It requires no air pumps, no spring adjustments, no maintenance. Just place it on your shelf, adjust the level, and you are done. The price is quite reasonable at ~$2500. You can learn about it at It is a serious industrial product, not an audiophile tweak. I think you wil find that it is amazing.
Forgot to add:
Herron Audio VTSP-1mc phono.