Amps for Linn Ninka Spreaker

I intent to purchase the used kairn and LK140 or LK85 together with Aktiv for my Ninka spreaker.

Would someone tell me LK85 + LK140 or two LK140s or three LK85s which system is better, or other combination? I wonder whether one LK85 is capable to drive the bass? Some said using LK140 for treble has much detail than LK85.

Heard that the new LK series had been modified with better performance. What's difference between the new and old ones. How you know which product is new series when buy the used one.

Thanks very much
Here is the best source for Linn changes by serial number.

I am running two LK140's aktiv into Ninkas and previously ran only one passively. I never tune demed the LK140 to the LK85, because I wanted as much power as I could afford when running passively and the Klout was a little out of my reach.

I too have heard numerous times if you run aktiv LK140 and LK85, put the LK140 on treble and LK85 on the bass for the same reason you stated. I thought about doing this when I went aktiv, but instead just saved a little longer to get a matching LK140.

Tim, thanks for your web information. What's the performance of LK140 to drive bas/mid?

From what the Linn dealer told me you don't really gain anyhing by getting three amps for the NINKA's. The LK 85 is alright for driving the base but I would suggest going with the 140's if you can. If you mix a 140 and 85, put the 85 on the really does work like this. And, I got the info from one of LINN's engineers last year.
You are also better off going with the latest model of amp you can get, as I heard the newer ones do have better sound.
Thank you Flightmight, I met the Linn dealer last week and opined as yours. I am going with Bi-amps 140