Amplifiers From Scratch?

Can you make amplifiers from items you can go out and buy other than kits?? and if so, how would you go about doing this?? Jason
You need to lay your hands on a copy of AUDIO ELECTRONICS (formerly THE AUDIO AMATEUR) Peterborough, N.H. (If you are a US resident) at (603)924-9464. They have been publishing amp projects since the 70's and also have ads for plans books, parts houses, etc. Maybe they can tell you if some retailer carries it near you. Also check the electronics hobby mags from time to time, on the newsstands.
All other thread responces are true, but I suggest that you get a good solid foundation in electronics and soldering before you try to tackle even a kit project.
There was a time when kit amps could be built from scratch(HEATHKIT)for example.You certainly did have to have electronic interest and know how to solder. The next examples of kits,(HALFER) the power boards were prebuilt,you did the rest.It is hard to describe the feeling of owning a great sounding piece of stereo gear knowing you built it. Good Luck!in your quest.