Amplifier for Harbeth 40.2


I have Harebeth 40.2 speakers and looking for thoughts on amplification for them.

Currently I use the pass labs int-250 and like it but feel could be improved upon.

One recommendation was given by dealer was to go to separates and pass labs 350.8.  That would improve bass further but not sure would improve midrange where previous VAC integrated had advtg over Pass.

Another recommendation was Luxman 900u amp.  This probably gives me midrange improvement but seems less powered than pass pas int 250 and def far less than 350.8.


I would try both Gryphon and Ypsilon integrateds and would go with tube separates if I insisted on tubes. I believe that no tube integrated would cut it. No, I didn't hear what I suggested to try.
Upgraded to synergistic research Galileo UEF speaker cables and has added more punch and more feeling to music seems like the solution for my system
You might want to add Synergistic or another brand power cord for your Pass.
 My new Mac MC462 works wonders with the 40.2‘s. 
It s the best amp I’ve ever heard with these speakers ( I previously owned the PS audio BHK 250 and the pass labs 250.8 ) and it is best app I have heard. Period
The MC 462 is one of three or four new generation power amps from McIntosh that feature several updates (including increased filter capacity) which  increases  clarity, dynamic range and bass control (among other things) which is very apparent when listening through the 40.2’s.(Check the mcontosh website)
 I think you would be hard-pressed to find anything better for the 40.2s under 20k