Amp to power Gallo 3.1 Reference speakers

I am on a power amp search now to finish my system for the time being. Really wanting to go tube, but will consider solid state.

System so far:
Rega P3-24 Elys2
Avid Pulsus phono
Manley Shrimp preamp
Gallo 3.1 speakers

I have my friends class D Peachtree 220 powering everything right now and it is sounding really good so far IMO.

I know tube amps are not known for the same level of low end as solid state, and right now this thing has all the bass I could want. I would like to retain as much of that as possible.

Audio Research VS115
Manley Mahi or used Snapper
Atma-shere S30 or S60
Rogue Titan Magnum
some hi current solid state 150-200 watts

Not sure how the OTL would do with the Gallons. Also not sure how much tube wattage is needed. I have heard too little power and the Gallons lose all the low end.
In my set up (14 x 25 x 8) even with KT120s, VS115 is not enough. High & mid were are ok but the low needed more juice.

I ended up getting DS-450M and these drove 3.1 with ease but might've been an overkill in my room. One thing for sure is that Gallos can play pretty very loud.

If you want solid lows, go with a fairly high current/power SS amp.

Good luck.


fyi, I still have VS-115 for other speakers.