Amp stands for Krell 450 monos?

I now have my new 450mcx monos (wonderful amps!) direct on a wood floor. Is there a big improvment in sound putting them on stands? Which stands? I use Audio Artistry Beethoven speakers and I play loud so there is for shure floor vibrations!
I would say yes. I had a FPB 600. Once I placed it on a steel beem cut to the size of the Krell (placed on tile over concrete floor) the sound improved a tremendous amount. Also a nice upgrade for little to no money. I Also liked that the amps were high in case of flooding (never happened).
Sound Anchor stands custom made to the Krell 450 with spikes but placed on penny to protect floor.
Thanks for answer.

Nice system you have Dgad!

Any more suggestions beside Sound Anchor?
What about Mapleshade? I'm sure that they could custom make something to what would be best for your amps.
I put my 400cx on a Lovan Sovereign amp stand; two of these would be perfect for your 450s. Enjoy those! They are amazingly great amps.