amp/Speaker bass output

Hi all I've recently switched to an Audio Research CD2 & Classe CAP151(intergrated) driving Apogee Slant 6 speakers plus 4 Room Tunes and Corner Tunes, speaker and ICs are RC Audio (hybrid) what I was usung before were Yahama AX900U (integrated) and Sony X77ES Cd player, the Classe is just georgous but my bottom end does not seem as prononunced as once was I was thinking maybe an IC change would help (going to XLR CD to amp) butI only want to increase the bottom end responce a bit. Do I have to look to different equipment? (please don't tell me that's so) or get I do it another way.
I want to retain my staging and depth but if I had to change would maybe a Krell integrated be the right way or maybe ARC D130/LS3, Aragon 2004/LS3?
Suggestions would help Thanks
Going to xlr connections may help the macro-dynamics and bass a bit.

Perhaps the easiest route toward some sort of bass satisfaction would be to consider adding the proper subwoofer and subwoofer interconnects. But even then, you may be left wanting.

If you'd prefer to modify what you have, then you probably need to focus on interconnects, speaker cables, and amplification.

For that I'd recommend the Audience AU24 ics and speaker cables and any one of the McCormack DNA-0.5, 1, or 2 REVISION A amps should catapult your sonics and bass regions into a whole nuther league.

The cables and amp suggestion would be my first recommendation because it should easily give you the bass improvements you may be seeking and it should also provide substantial improvements everywhere else. And perhaps for the same price as a good subwoofer and interconnects.

At least with the cables and amp upgrade path, you may also recooperate some of your losses when you sell your older gear.

Also, I am not familiar with your speakers. I'm assuming they are somewhat of a full-range speaker.

Hope this helps,

Were the room treatments installed when you had the old components?

Both your ARC and Classe' are somewhat lean sounding pieces, which combined with the Apogees, probably really makes this noticeable. You can try to band-aid the system with cabling, but you might be better off assessing what you think is the weakest component and replacing it with something more suitable to the sonics you desire. Adding a subwoofer would make for a better balanced system, but you are now talking about greater complexity, more floor space and having to tinker with blending the sub to the mains. Sean