Amp/Pre-amp recommeded for Soliloquy 6.3

I am looking for a good pre-amp (tube)/SS Amp for my system. I am not willing to pay more than $1500-2K for the pre-amp used and not quite so much for the amp. I run Soliloqy 6.3's. I have deicided to go SS with the amp. which most likely will be 150-200 watts. A recommendation in area will be appreciated also. I owned a Marsh 400, Rogue Mag 88, and an AR VT-100, and have decided to go SS. With the above amps, I used the Rouge Mag 99. Currently using a Sansui 9700 Receiver (200 watts). Large room, vaulted ceiling, and play loud. No CD player at this time, but will add later on. Mostly an FM junkie. Using a Sansui 9900 Tuner through the receiver. I may go back to the Rogue Pre, but wanted suggestions.
Thanks in advance.
Although I understand your desire for solid state control over the lower frequencies, this can be convincingly and musically achieved with certain tube amps, the lowest cost of which is the Aronov LS960, or even the LS960I integrated which I use in one of my systems.
For a system not requiring built-in phono, the LS960I succeeds in providing the most satisfying sound of any reasonably priced integrated choice, saving you money that is then available for buying a great power cord and upgrade support such as cones or footers of your own preference.
With such fine stock performance it is not necessary to tube roll although that is the blessing/curse of tube component ownership.
In a 20x30 listening room with its nine foot ceiling there is even enough power to immerse myself in either Mahler's "Resurrection" Symphony, or a jazz drum with percussion extravaganza (formerly, referred to as music to break a lease by).
Sugden Masterclass integrated. I use a Sugden a21ap with my Soliloquy 5.3i and its a wonderful combination.