Amp or no amp?

I will be running a pair of floorstanding stereo speakers (Paradigm, Splendor, ERA or Totems) in my living room using the mulitroom feature on my Marantz 8200 receiver that I also use for my home theater. Will this have enough power to drive the floorstanding speakers or will I need to add an amp? Any other recommendations are cetrtainly appreciated.
I read your other post which makes this easier to amswer.

You would need to add another amp. You can easily use the pre-outs on your receiver to send a signal to the amp.

You may know this already, but your AVR will most likely only send the analog signals to the 2nd room pre-outs if you want to hear a differant source in room 2. Example- If you have a CD player hooked up to the AVR by toslink or coax, and your letting the receiver do the D to A conversion, that signal WILL NOT go to room 2, unless you use the analog output from your CD player (or analog output from other digital source). This was a real problem for me as I use iTunes through my computer via toslink to my Onkyo AVR.