Amp for Ruark Prologue II's?

denon 3802 receiver
denon 2200 universal player
Ruark Prologue II's
B&W lcr60 center
boston accoustic A-40's (older model i use as surround)
brick wall surge filter

i need a recommendation for a 2 channel(?) amp to pair with Ruark Prologue II's. i have enjoyed the Ruarks for the short time that i have had them, but they sometimes seem a little too sharp/bright.

my knowledge base is a little lacking in the hi-fi area. i don't know if it's the receiver or the speakers or both. i thought i might try bypassing the receivers amp section to see if i could get some softer sounds. i don't know whether i can even add a 2 channel amp to a HT set-up. so i may need some guidance there, too.

at any rate, thanks in advance for any and all advice.

naim nac112 and nap 180 are excellent with ruark.
thanks, Mlauner. I'll check them out.