Amp for MBL 101e mk2 Speakers

I may be acquiring a used pair of MBL 101e Mark 2 speakers (their latest and greatest) at a good price and I will need an amp that mates nicely to them. I can't afford MBL amps so please don't recommend them, recommend something else. The amp will be mated to an Audible Illusions Modulus 3B Tube Preamp (their newest). I do not think my heavily upgraded Odyssey Stratos Extreme +++ would be up to the task of powering a 70K loudspeaker to its full potential. I would like to keep it as low as possible, say no higher than 10k but preferably in the 5K range. I am thinking Sanders Magtech Amp.
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Stereo5, contact member "Dev" on amp suggestions for MBL 101e. He had the big MBL amps ... but finally settled on Bryston 28BSST2 for SS and VAC Statement 450 mono for tube.