Amp for Dynaudio Special 25

I'm looking at a long list of upgrades. I just upgraded to Dynaudio Special 25's. So far I'm loving them. My Linn Classik is going to head into the bedroom eventually. I have a medium room 14' x 16' open on one side. I listen to acoustic guitar and jazz mostly. For the source I'm heavily considering teh Ayre C5xe. On the amp side I'm considering Pass 250.5, Sim W-5 maybe W-5LE if i can find one or the Ayre V5xe. Any thoughts on the amp match with the Dynaudios? The preamp will likely be the last upgrade. I'm considering a tube preamp, but that seems to be a neverending search for most. If I go SS for the pre I will likely try to match teh amp. I hope to be finished within a few months.

See my post on this thread:

You're heading in the right direction. Any of those amps you list should sound great with the Special 25s, but make sure to audition before buying. Definitely go for a tube preamp. The ones I mentioned in that thread above I know for sure sound great with dyn - Hovland, Supratek, Nagra. I'm sure there are plenty of others.
I like the Rogue Zeus / Magnum 99 amp combination on my Confidence 3's.
From the thread Goatwuss referenced, I think some of the reports of 'flabby bass' with tube power and Dyn's is more about not enough power than about tubes. They prefer to be driven by arc welders.
I also liked a couple BAT VK75's that I heard with my speakers, but couldn't swing the moola to consider buying the pair and wasn't sure they'd have the amps to make the dyn's happy with blues and rock and roll and a 30'x18' room. For your room and musical tastes, it would be neat if you could audition one vk75, if it has ample juice you might love it.
I don't know if a tube power amp is something you would want to consider but I had really good results with my ARC VT200. I had my 25's in my second system powered by a Classe' amp (which sounded really nice BTW)but when I hooked them up to my main system (VT200, ARC LS25 II) they really took off............... I would think that a VT100/LS25 would be a really nice combo.
Thanks Cmo I auditioned the S25 and C1 with the ARC VT100 MKIII and the LS25, very nice sound. I think the care that tube amps require makes me want to consider SS amplification and a tube pre. I will consider auditioning the tube vs. SS with a good tubed pre if I can swing it. i believe teh Arye dealer also carres BAT. After additional reading the Pass X150.5 is more comprable to the Sim and Ayre amps. It looks like Arye is tight on dealer discounts.
Look no further than the Mcintosh MC 402. Power to spare for these hungry 25's.