amp advice for MoFi ML2

If you haven't heard them the MoFi ML2 are lovely, relaxed speakers with a slight brightness. I'm looking to get apropriate amplication and could use some advice. Specs are 84 sensitivity and 6 ohms. My budget is under 5K.
Thanks for any help.
a mac integrated pairs nicely with the new mf models.
I have heard the ML2s at Music Direct with Edge electronics and new gear called Valve audio. Both seemed to have a real grip on that speaker. Both sounded very musical with a slight more bit of warmth with the Valve Audio product. The speakers did sound really nice.
Thanks so much. A mcintosh integrated has actually been at the top of my list with the VA very close.
I too thought the edge sounded good, but I just can't stand the designs, as superficial as that may sound.
Thanks again.
the mac integrated also has a superb phono section, for those cool mfsl vinyl releases