Am waiting for a well tempered classic turntable

HI all

Looking for advice. Just purchased a well tempered Classic Turntable, with a carbon fiber arm and a leaded platter.Should arrive next week. Listen to an eclectic collection of records--jazz, Rock and rool, opera, symphonys, old timey, bluegrass, blues, jam band and even DJs, especially DJ rootz from Boulder CO.

Wonder what interconnects individuals are using and what other tricks individuals have learned overtime. Cartridges?

I plan to try it in my main system first (see system) to replace the analogue section, but ultimately use it as the analogue component of s new system in a mountain house--more about that latter.

Present system includes: California Audio Labs CL-15 CD Player
Sota Star Sapphire Turntable
Graham Engineering 2.2 deluxe Tonearm
Transfiguration Temper
Audible Illusions Modulus 3A Tube preamp
Sonic Frotiers Phono One amp
Valve Amplification Company PA-90c1 (2)
Martin Logan Aerius Speaker
JPS , XLO 1.1
XLO 5.1 Speaker cable
JPS, NBS King Serpent lll

Thsnks for looking. Also, anyone in Tidewater VA area available to help me set it up if needed?

Looking forward to answers or thoughts.
It will blow away your Sota. Set it up carefully and be careful how and where you site it. I am assuming it doesn't have the damping adjustment like on the Reference arm, so you are relieved from all that extra tweaking. See my comments on the current Stylus force guage thread.


you'll love it. down the road you may want to think about having the arm rewired direct to the interconnects, removing the terminal block. Nice upgrade. Agree with hifiharv to definitely take your time with the setup. Would recommend a test record along with the stylus force guage.