Alternatives to Synergistic Research Tricon Phono

Hi everyone! I'm planning on buying a decent phono cable (5 pin DIN to RCA). I read some feedbacks on Audiogon and other forums and seems like Synergistic Research Tricon Analog is one of the best options. But are there any real alternatives to Tricon under $1000? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you in advance!

The Momentum Silver Tonearm cable is under $500 and has gotten some good reviews. I have been using a very good custom silver one from England that I bought on ebay from seller Johnandchris[ may not be exact spelling] for $200. It is a great bargain, uses Eichmann RCAs and good quality DINs. I would expect the Momentum to be even better. I also used Cardas GR Balanced with very good results; the SE should be the same. I only sold it because my RB 1000 has a captive phono cable. But remember that every cable I have heard sounds different to a greater or a lesser degree and the same sound will be judged differently with each individual. Often the most expensive cables are the most extreme in one direction or another and may be either just what you wanted or not to your taste at all. For example, I don't care for SR myself but many do; I don't say that they are "bad" just not to my taste. Its very hard to judge without hearing; possibly someone like the Cable Company has them on try out. Or try the English silver one I mentioned; you can't lose much on it and it might be just what you like.
Thanks Stanwal! I agree, it would be ideal to try any cable before buying and Cable Company offers excellent range of cables, but since I’m based in Europe it will be problematic to order one from Cable Company and to send it back if it’s not to my taste. Most probably I’ll have to bite a bullet and to try ordering a cable that will not disappoint me at least. That’s why I have to rely on other audiogon members opinions. I will consider your advice regarding johnandchris1 cable and Momentum Signature Cable. Best regards, Alex
I have owned the SR Tricon Analog and have owned or tried several other well regarded, under $1000 phono cables, including the Hovland Music Groove 2 and Furutech AG12. Though I found the Tricon detailed and revealing I missed the kind of fuller, richer sound that more closely resembles what I hear at live concerts. It was the Cardas Golden Reference which assisted in bringing me closer to that natural experience. See if a dealer might offer you the opportunity to audition the Golden Reference in your system.
It is taste and system balance; the Cardas is fuller, richer and a little more laid back while the J&C silver was more forward, brighter, and with more apparent detail. My Graham silver with WBT RCAs sounded close to the J&C. If your speakers are a little reticent for you try silver; if they are a little too bright try copper ; such as the Cardas. I think the Cardas actually has as much detail as the silver ones although it does not sound that way at first; the balance is different.
Thank you Opus88 for sharing your experience! Cardas Golden Reference could be an option or even Cardas Clear, it got some very good reviews. Have you had a chance to audition Cardas Clear phono cable?
How about Analysis Plus Silver Oval phono cable comparing to Cardas Golden Reference and SR Tricon?
I'm sorry, Alex, but I haven't heard the Cardas Clear or Analysis Plus Silver Oval phono cables. As for the Cardas GR, despite the fact I no longer own it, I still strongly recommend it. It's just that the Purist Proteus Provectus brought me to a significantly higher level of realism and relaxed, musical enjoyment. It is, however, quite a bit more costly than the Golden Reference. Nevertheless, do seriously consider giving the GR a listen in your system.