Alternative tweeter

I would like to hear from any owner/user having replaced their VMPS 626Rs 'FST or Ribbon' tweeter with the Aurum Cantus " G2Si " ribbon tweeter, or any other possible alternative that garnered good results. I am a novice in the audio field looking at all feasible replacement for a pair of non-working tweeters. Any and all input is kindly appreciated, thank you.
Out of curiosity, why would you not use the original FST tweeters (or maybe yours could be repaired)? Didn't you like the FST's?
If you are going to use another tweeter you will have to modify the crossover, which is not easy, unless the characteristics of the new tweeter are the same as the old one.
Best you just get a Aurum Cantus speaker, which are great. That way, no crossover issues and 'voicing'.
I would give Bill Legall a call at Millersound for his opinion.

Bill LeGall
1422 Taylor Rd
Lansdale, PA 19446-1531
(215) 412-7700
Plato, and everyone thank you for your response. I came about this question because it was suggestion while in pusuit of information on the best answer for replacing my tweeters. In never having heard the Aurum speakers I was also told their tweeter are more ( refined? . I have since decided that I will stay with the VMPS FSTs and continue to enjoy a very good product. I do appreciate the interest, our hobby is a GREAT hobby, Happy New Years everyone!!