Alternative to HT Bypass?

I am looking to insert a 2 channel preamp into my home theater system. I have an Integra DTC-9.8 and a Lexicon 512NT 5 channel amp. I could obviously use a 2ch preamp that has a home theater bypass function, but I am limited to those units that actually have that.

Instead of doing that, because the Lexicon has both balanced and single ended inputs, couldn't I just hook up the Integra 5ch processor to the amp with single ended cables, and the 2ch preamp with balanced cables, and only turn the unit on that is being used at the time? This seems like it should work. Anyone tried this type of setup before?
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I think your idea will or should work fine.... provided your own caveat of not energizing both pre/procs at the same time... and/or if there is some switching needed to be done on the Lexicon amp from xlr to rca.

Only issue I could possibly see is perhaps IF both xlr & rca are connected to the same inputs, one pair might take priority over the other, requiring you to unplug one pair entirely. Don't know for sure though... just maybe.


Everytime I've tried to connect my tube pre into a multi ch rig off a reciever, (for the front mains) I've introduced both lag time, and more noise. I finally just quit altogether trying to include the tube system into the HT... and that saves me another pair of ICs too.

So I just had - have, to switch speaker cables back and forth from one amp to the other. Neither did i ULTIMATELY CARE FOR THE AUDITORY DIFFS FROM ALL SS HT, to TUBE + SS, HT.

Just my 2 cents.
I did the same thing with Pass Aleph 2 monos which had single ended and xlr inputs. Worked great for me. The only thing one may have to check out is that the two inputs are elecrically separate.

Good idea.