AKG K702 cable upgrade

I was wondering if anyone has upgraded the stock cable that comes with AKG K702's? If so, what did you use?

I see the Cardas cable, which is an amazing rip off. The mark up is so ridiculous, they want well over $300 for it, which is $100 more than the headphones cost brand new. That's like connecting $2000 speakers to your gear with $4000 speaker cables. Stupid.

Any thoughts on Blue Jeans cable?
You would get more responses if you posted your question on Head-Fi.org. I am not a believer in upgrading headphone cables. I own a pair of Sennheiser HD650s, I upgraded the stock cable to a Stefan Audio Arts ($200 used), and thought it sounded far worse than the stock cable. Cardas headphone cables have a reputation for sounding very forward/bright. I don't know anything about Blue Jeans cables except that they are inexpensive. I doubt their cables will be better than the one provided by AKG. If you don't like something about the AKG 702s, a safer route would be to just try a different headphone brand. I have listened to the AKG 701 at a Head-Fi meet and was unimpressed. I prefer the HD650s. And my favorite headphone is the Victor-JVC DX1000, which you can buy from Europe for $650 shipped. Overall, the best headphone I have ever owned.
I needed a longer cable for my 702's and was skeptical as well to spend more for the cable than the HP's and ran across a company on ebay "sweetcome"...tried one ...very nice quality and an improvement over stock for $100 for 20'. Not sure if it matches up to the super primo cables..but I am happy.