Affordable intergrated with quality phono stage

Looking for a decent used intergrated with phono...any specific models come to mind? Musical Fidelity,Creek,Luxman,etc...thanks...maybe even Rega brio...
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NAD 312, Arcam 9/Delta 290, Rotel RA-932, Rega. If you want to see a nice Luxman Int. amp (SQ 507x), check out e-bay. The older int. amps of the 70's and 80's were built like tanks and they all offered phono stages. Maybe you should look in that direction. Most could be had for a song!(But I sure would check out the seller's feedback well and ask I few questions to sense their character.) Good luck. Bill
Audio Analogue Puccini SE. Try to find it used for good $. They have a remote version as well, though it'll be more and harder to find. MUSICAL sound, a bit luch in mid's, but I loved it (I chose the AA over the Bryston B60, Aranov LS960i, and YBA Integre DT - and the AA was the cheapest).

There is a standard Puccini as well, a little light in bass and dynamics, but overall similar sound.

And both have the phono input.....

Good luck, whatever you choose !

Todd - chams_uk
Sorry, I meant "lush" in the mid's :-) I should spell check BEFORE I post, yes ?